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Saturday, April 9, 2011

I am an USFS Basic Skills Member

Today at Home Rink, I received my official USFS membership packet and my membership card should be there next week.   

The packet included a record book, with all the USFS levels and elements listed in order, a sheet of gold star stickers, that can be placed in the book as each element is learned, a basic skills program patch and year patch. 

I am trying to decide where to put my patches; on my skating sweater, or on my skate bag, or somewhere else entirely? Any suggestions?

It was also our first day of Basic Skills lessons. It is just myself and one other skater in the Adult 4 class. Coach M is coaching Adult 4. I was sort of disappointed, the lesson plan didn't seem much different than it had been. I was expecting to work specifically on the list of Adult 4 elements, but we didn't. We spent more than three quarters of the lesson doing crossovers, then rushed through some forward outside 3-turns. Which actually brings up another frustration I have, Coach M teaches the arm position for 3-turns opposite of all my other coaches, I don't want to blatantly say he teaches "wrong", but it seems that way!

Private coach and I worked on spirals today. It was fun.... kinda. I am much more flexible on my right side, but more stable on my left, it is weird.  

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