NaBloPoMo 2011


Friday, January 28, 2011

My skating stuff

My Skates

I currently skate in a pair of recreational Riedell 115RS.

But, I also have a pair of Jackson Freestyle boots with Mark IV blades. They're in desperate need of sharpening, and I need to have them stretched/punched out. Since I am not working on jumps right now, I don't feel like it is necessary to use this boot/blade combo.

 *I am loving the looks of Riedell's new Eclipse blades, so I may switch out the Mark IV blade for the Eclipse Volant.

I have pink Centipede guards, which I use religiously!

Pink soakers are always on my blades when my skates are not in use.

My Skate Bag
You can see in the picture the soaker bags, I made. These are great for drying the blade, but I also store my skates inside them. Which hopefully prevents dings and scratches from the skates bumping together.

I do not have a Zuca Bag, at first I thought I wanted one, but I am happy with my current skate bag. It is pink and zebra print. It has zippered pockets on each end, for gloves etc. A long zippered pocket in front, perfect for storing blade guards. And the center has enough room to hold 2 pair of skates.

Thanks to the $1 bins at Target and JoAnn's I have a seemingly endless supply of pink gloves.

For practice ice and lessons I usually wear Danskin Now Dri-More Pants, $9 from Walmart, they're comfy and easy to tuck into my boots.  My favorite skating sweater is by Kenneth Cole, it is grey and has lovely little feminine details on the pockets.

I use Mondor Knee Highs for practice ice, and I fold the tops down over my boots. For competitions/shows I use Capezio footed or OTB tights.

I don't have any skating dresses right now :( but as we speak a custom dress is being made for the upcoming Anaheim ISI Open by Kristen Aiello of

Monday, January 17, 2011

Making Progress

I've struggled with forward outside 3-turns since September. My problem is two-fold; I keep opening my hips, and my weight is not centered over the blade, but is shifted towards the toe pick instead, both of which cause me to put my free foot down.

Over my last two lessons I've finally been able to consistently complete right forward outside 3 turns, but I continue to struggle on the left side. Interestingly enough, the left side is my weaker side on forward crossovers, so I'm thinking I have issues with the left forward outside edge.

Which is why this weeks skating homework includes forward outside edges in addition to lunges, FO3's, and FI3's.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Power Skating = Working Out

I guess I didn't really understand what I was signing up for when I chose Power Skating as my elective class at the Other Rink. I've been in the class for two weeks now, and I am certain I've discovered no less than 10 new muscles.

Class typically begins with F/B swizzles (this helps everyone "find" their edges, apparently). This week we did a stroking exercise, again fairly basic, nothing too intense. But then, comes the crossover marathon.

There is no other way to describe it. BIG circle, skating fast and maintaining proper edges and arm position for 3-5 minutes each direction. No joke, this elevates my heart rate the same way running on a treadmill would. By the time we do F crossovers in each direction, I am huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf, while all the little 5 year olds are staring at me as if I am having an asthma attack or something. Then we do  it backwards!
Image "stolen" from Honnen Ice Rink,  not mine. 

I am more comfortable with B crossovers than F, but trying to do them in a BIG circle, with the correct position, weight transfer and edges while avoiding 10 or more other skaters doing the same thing is HARD! Maybe I should rethink my desire to try synchro?
Senior Ice'Kateers, from Anaheim Ice.

I guess there is a good reason it's called power skating. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello, Welcome

My first blog post, I am so excited. I do have another blog, for all the "other" things in my life, but skating seemed to be taking over, hence it now has it's own space here at Blade Bunnies. 

Hi, I'm Judie and I am a skateaholic, or something like that. I take both group and private lessons. 

My skating schedule looks like this:

Sunday:  30 minute warm up, 30 minute private lesson and minimum 30 minute practice at Home Rink. 1 hour pilates at Drayson Center. 

Monday: no skating

Tuesday: School, no skating

Wednesday: 30 minute group lesson, 30 minute Power Skating class and minimum 30 minute practice at The Other Rink

Thursday: School, no skating

Friday: Practice session at The Other Rink

Saturday: 30 minute group lesson, 30 minute private lesson, and minimum 30 minute practice session at Home Rink. 

In addition, I work full time. 

Basically this blog will document my journey in the wonderful world of figure skating. Some posts to look forward to; my equipment, to compete or not to compete, ISI vs USFSA, figure skating clubs, AOSS (adult onset skating syndrome) and lots more.....