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Friday, January 28, 2011

My skating stuff

My Skates

I currently skate in a pair of recreational Riedell 115RS.

But, I also have a pair of Jackson Freestyle boots with Mark IV blades. They're in desperate need of sharpening, and I need to have them stretched/punched out. Since I am not working on jumps right now, I don't feel like it is necessary to use this boot/blade combo.

 *I am loving the looks of Riedell's new Eclipse blades, so I may switch out the Mark IV blade for the Eclipse Volant.

I have pink Centipede guards, which I use religiously!

Pink soakers are always on my blades when my skates are not in use.

My Skate Bag
You can see in the picture the soaker bags, I made. These are great for drying the blade, but I also store my skates inside them. Which hopefully prevents dings and scratches from the skates bumping together.

I do not have a Zuca Bag, at first I thought I wanted one, but I am happy with my current skate bag. It is pink and zebra print. It has zippered pockets on each end, for gloves etc. A long zippered pocket in front, perfect for storing blade guards. And the center has enough room to hold 2 pair of skates.

Thanks to the $1 bins at Target and JoAnn's I have a seemingly endless supply of pink gloves.

For practice ice and lessons I usually wear Danskin Now Dri-More Pants, $9 from Walmart, they're comfy and easy to tuck into my boots.  My favorite skating sweater is by Kenneth Cole, it is grey and has lovely little feminine details on the pockets.

I use Mondor Knee Highs for practice ice, and I fold the tops down over my boots. For competitions/shows I use Capezio footed or OTB tights.

I don't have any skating dresses right now :( but as we speak a custom dress is being made for the upcoming Anaheim ISI Open by Kristen Aiello of

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