NaBloPoMo 2011


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello, Welcome

My first blog post, I am so excited. I do have another blog, for all the "other" things in my life, but skating seemed to be taking over, hence it now has it's own space here at Blade Bunnies. 

Hi, I'm Judie and I am a skateaholic, or something like that. I take both group and private lessons. 

My skating schedule looks like this:

Sunday:  30 minute warm up, 30 minute private lesson and minimum 30 minute practice at Home Rink. 1 hour pilates at Drayson Center. 

Monday: no skating

Tuesday: School, no skating

Wednesday: 30 minute group lesson, 30 minute Power Skating class and minimum 30 minute practice at The Other Rink

Thursday: School, no skating

Friday: Practice session at The Other Rink

Saturday: 30 minute group lesson, 30 minute private lesson, and minimum 30 minute practice session at Home Rink. 

In addition, I work full time. 

Basically this blog will document my journey in the wonderful world of figure skating. Some posts to look forward to; my equipment, to compete or not to compete, ISI vs USFSA, figure skating clubs, AOSS (adult onset skating syndrome) and lots more..... 

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  1. That's quite a schedule you maintain. Made me tired just reading about it! Loved your post about the Power class. I've been in a number of skating classes where I was old enough to be a great grandmother to nearly all the students. Skate and blog on! Really enjoyed reading your blog.