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Friday, July 20, 2012

Sing me a song

I am still working towards testing Pre-Bronze MIF (maybe August 19, OMG!) Like other skaters I was struggling to get 4 crossovers on the perimeter stroking end pattern. This was discussed recently on Skating Forums.

Today, during practice I made a break thru! I came up with a little song to help me with the timing and placement of the crossovers. It goes like this; " the circle around the dot, before the box, after the box, in the circle around the dot and the circle around the dot, before the box, after the box, in the circle around the dot, presentation and stop!

I'd love to say that there is a tune that I sing this to, but I have no rhythm, so it's more like a chant than a song. Either way, it really helped me today to get 4 crossovers on the end pattern without ending up on a flat.

The Pattern!


  1. I didn't do 4, just 3. Does it actually suggest 4?

  2. That looks hard! I wish I had your e-mail to ask you some questions about it and to keep in better touch. Adult skaters are few and far between! The next time I see you we will have to swap!
    Did I tell you my hubby is getting into skating more? He is getting pretty darn good. I keep trying to convince him we should do pairs, but he's not that into it :)
    Good luck with your testing though. Quick question: Does it cost a lot to test and do you have to test to compete?

  3. @Gordon, the rule book doesn't state a specific number of crossovers, but the diagram indicates four, do most coaches teach it with four crossovers.

    @Tracy, the test fee is around $60, but that is if you're a club member. Membership for All Year FSC is $45. To compete USFS you don't need to test because the have "no test" and basic skills competitions, but to compete at adult nationals you need to have passed the Bronze tests.

  4. Thanks for the info. Sorry for the questions, but I am confused. If I join a club (say I was to join All Year FSC) can I test with a different club (say Rim of the World club), or can you only test with your club? I am just trying to figure this club thing out to see if one has to "shop" around for a club.

  5. You can test with any club, but there is a non-member fee.

  6. Thanks for the information! Good luck on your testing, I am positive you will do excellent. You are such a good skater, you just need to believe in yourself! :)