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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Footwork Sequence

It seems that when you pass the basic skills levels, in addition to learning "big" jumps, you are supposed to be capable of piecing together the basic skills to create sequences or patterns.

This is fine in theory, but in practice not so much. I've got a few footwork sequences I am working on for my lessons and for the Christmas Program.

Adult 4/Basic 8 Sequence: Forward crossovers (2) into forward inside Mohawk, cross behind, step into backward crossover (1) and step to forward inside edge
Solo Program: (L) forward inside Mohawk, L over R step (crossover ISI style) (R) outside Mohawk R over L step. 

Adult Group Program: 2 forward strokes, 2 forward crossovers, forward (L) outside Mohawk, 2 backward crossovers, Back Outside edge to Forward Outside edge transition, repeat 2x. 

All this is supposed to be accomplished with speed and grace.

I'll try to get it them all on video this weekend :)

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