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Friday, November 4, 2011

My skates

I've had my new skates since August. They are the Riedell 435TS boots with the Ultima Matrix Legacy blade in pink!


At first I didn't like the blades, I couldn't stop and was terrified of tripping over the much larger toe pick. However I've adjusted, the blade sharpening has dulled slightly and I love them.  I recommend this blade for every low level freestyle adult. Plus it comes in cool colors like pink!

The boots I loved from the very moment they were heat molded to my feet. They are so comfy and I don't feel like they've had a break in period at all. I did spend the first two months skating with the top hooks unlaced, just to help with ankle bend and toe point. Now I lace them all the way. I also love the lace lock, it really does keep the laces from loosening.

My skates have one more feature that isn't found on most skates. It is my SkateSafe tag by FinishSafe. This handy little tag stores all my medical information which can be accessed via a pin number by rink staff or emergency response personnel. Now that I am no longer withholding information about my health, I feel much safer on the ice.

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